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Welcome to the world of Cameron and Natasha, two intrepid travelers and creators of The World Pursuit Media. Our story begins over a decade ago when we met in college and went off for a backpacking trip around the world. Like many, we returned to the “real world” and got jobs in New York City. After a year of living and working in the city, we realized that the rat race wasn’t for us and that there had to be something more than two weeks of vacation and working at an office 60+ hours a week.

We’ve been traveling since 2015, documenting our travels through photos, videos, and articles online. The World Pursuit media has grown to encompass three tremendous websites, The World Pursuit, The Banff Blog, and Lost In The Carolinas. Content from the media organization now reaches millions of travelers every month.

“The World Pursuit” is an internationally recognized brand. With nearly a decade of experience in the travel industry, the company has worked with hundreds of tourism operators, produced content for Fortune 500 companies, and collaborated with major publications. Their expertise allows them to develop campaigns, create content, and

On this site, you’ll find a showcase of some of our favorite work from around the world. If you’re seeking in-depth travel articles, head to The World Pursuit.

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