Natasha & Cameron

By now, you probably know we run an adventure travel blog called “The World Pursuit.” 

We’re Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden and on this site, you’ll find a portfolio of our photography and video. Over the years we’ve amassed a nice collection of images and we’ve always wanted an outlet to share them in full resolution. 

As for the “us” part, our story begins over five years ago when we met in college. We barely knew each other, but went off for a backpacking trip around the world. It was a decision that has changed our lives in so many ways. 

Like many, we returned to the “real world” and got jobs in New York City. After a year of living and working in the city, we realized that the rat race wasn’t for us and that there had to be something more than two weeks of vacation and working 60+ hours a week, the film production grind is crazy.

Needless to say, we quit our jobs and set out for a life of adventure. It’s life that we’ve now grown to love. One of our most recent adventures involved driving a truck we bought across Africa. We found plenty of headspace in the African wilderness that we’ve now grown to love. 

Every day we want to spend less time in cities and more time in the great outdoors. You could say it’s a healthy addiction! We love off the beaten path destinations, sushi, snowboarding, animals, coffee, watching movies, and making videos. 

After three years of a nomadic life, we settled down in Canmore, Alberta in the middle of the Canadian Rockies. Now we spend our days hiking, snowboarding, and photographing when we’re not traveling the world. This has produced our latest project The Banff Blog, a local travel website on the region. Beyond that keep your eyes on the horizon for Lost on Safari, a travel blog on Africa.