Nomad Tanzania

The Selous Game Reserve is located in southern Tanzania and far from the madding crowds of the Serengeti. The 54,600 square kilometer safari area is Africa’s largest game reserve and one of the most beautiful wildlife areas in the world. What’s even more surprising is the park is still undiscovered, so to speak!

The amazing game of the Selous congregates around the numerous sources of water in the reserve, rivers, lakes, pans, and even an inland delta.

The Rufiji River serves as the artery to the park and contributes to the stunning natural features of the park. Our safari in the Selous was enchanting.

The Selous is Africa at it’s finest!

It is not the park for those looking to see thousands of animals, but for those looking to reconnect with the raw wilderness of Africa.

Granted the park was abundant in giraffe and the landscapes were unlike any other park we had been to previously. This is the Africa of old, romantic, stylish, and remote.